When to sound the alarm

Visitors Story: Fortunately, I'm one of those women who hasn't had much heartbreak. But what I have experienced has left me with a keen eye for relationship red flags and when to sound the alarm.

Here's some big red flags:
If he's checking his phone or texting someone other than you more than 75% of the time you are together. Even if it's not another lady he's texting, spending that much time on his phone shows he's not interested in spending time with you.

If he stops calling you by pet names. When your man switches to more formally calling you be your first name instead of "baby" or "sweetie" he's starting to sever your bond.

And if he doesn't thank you. Relationships are about respect and there is no better way to show respect than by telling someone thank you when you do something nice for them. If your guy isn't grateful, he's not worth it.

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