Understanding Men in Relationships Can Be Confusing, but It's Achievable

Understanding men in relationships is essential for any woman who dates men. Did you ever get mixed and confusing messages from the men you dated? I bet you did.

Well, most of them weren't trying to confuse you on purpose. Some of them simply didn't know what they truly want from their life or from someone they are attracted to.

Let's review the things that men typically want to find in a woman, to start understanding men a little better.

The main things that most men want or need in a woman (some of them we will discuss in detail):

Men want a woman to be understanding, patient, consistent, humorous, educated, pretty, easy going and sexy. Wanting a "pretty" woman doesn't mean he wants a blond and tall supermodel.

Every man has his preferences, and a woman simply needs to fit into his "likable range" (short or tall, curvy or slender, etc.). "Sexy" is easy to understand. Face it, men are visual just as women are whom mostly fail to admit.

Both, men and women produce testosterone - the primary sex hormone. However, men bodies produce around 20 times more of this hormone than women bodies. Bingo!

Men (just like women) get tired of playing a superhero 24/7, and want someone they love to boost their self-esteem, making them feel better about themselves.

After a few failed relationships, a man will typically try to identify his true desires and goals, both in life and relationships.

All men are different, and while some men are fast to understand what they truly want, others may stay confused for their entire life. Learning to better understand men will help you find the right man for you.

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