Teenage Dating Tips For Those Just Starting to Date

Here are some teenage dating tips that might help you avoid the heartache of break-ups and other pitfalls of the dating scene.

Most people begin dating during the teenage years.

The teen years are a time of a lot of changes, both physically and emotionally.

This makes it important that you have some good teenage dating tips to rely on when you embark on this important transition in your life.

First, Keep in Mind that People Mature at Different Rates

What that means to you is that you may not feel ready to date when others begin. Or, more likely, that boy you want to date is not mature enough to handle it.

A lot of the trouble that takes place in teen relationships could be avoided if you wait until you're old enough to know what you're looking for in a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Second, make sure the two of you have similar expectations for the relationship

Sometimes one partner is simply having fun with a friend while the other is hoping for a lot more. It is difficult to do, but anytime you are unsure of your friendship with a person of the opposite sex, make the effort to talk about it.

Third, start with dates that allow you to do something together

Group or double dates are a great way to get to know someone, but so are active dates like bowling or hiking. Having dinner alone together requires you to think of things to say and can be nerve-wracking for a first date. But then again it all depends on what you both are comfortable with.

Finally, here's a dating tip for the guys

If you really like a girl you're dating, or one you'd like to date, then call her up on the phone. You have no idea how many girls are waiting for the phone to ring because they feel the guy is supposed to do that.

But remind her of her independence and that she can pick up the phone too. They feel like if they call you, they are being pushy.

And let her know, hey, that you feel the same way. So what's a guy to do, there is no special time to call. Just don't be a Bugaboo. What's a Bugaboo, just another name for a pest. When you call, leave a message.

Why leave a message, cause if you do that, then you don't have to call back. Remember, don't be a Bugaboo. The next contact should be on her.

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