Teen Relationships Arise When Young Bodies and Feelings are Changing

Teen relationships often bring about a great deal of anxiety for both the teenager and their parents. Parents of course want to help and offer advice.

Telling their teen that they themselves have gone through it all when they were that age and survived.

While this information is given with the best of intentions, it often brings little relief to the troubled teen. Of course teenagers think they know everything, I know I did, LOL.

The First Dating Relationship Won't Be Your Last

Teen relationships are fraught with many problems and this is especially so when entering your first relationship.

It is important to remember that you will always remember your first relationship as a teenager, but in the majority of cases the first dating relationship is never the last and there will be many more before you find that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Experimenting with sex

One of the biggest problems in teen relationships is when it comes to sex. Hormones are racing from early teens all the way through the teenage years. So naturally, sex is on the minds of most teenagers and some more than others! Peer pressure can cause many problems here.

Friends are talking about having gone all the way in relationships. Many talk about what it was like, assuming you have had sexual experiences too.

However, nine out of ten times, teens act as if they are sexually active when in reality they are not. Teens often feel pressured when it comes to sex and this is when confusion, anxiety and problems occur in relationships.

Complete Your Education and Go After Your Dreams First

But first and foremost, you have time for personal/sexual relationships. And I can't stress this enough. You have plenty of time for all that.

Finish your education first and go after your dreams, no matter what they are. And don't let anyone say you can't do anything.

Have confidence within yourself and go for it. As far as we all know, we only have one life to live. We all will make mistakes, but try to make the least amount as possible.

And if your friends can't understand that, then you should question their friendship if they don't respect your wishes.

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