Staying up all hours, playing video games.

I have never been a fan of video games, or gamers. I call them vidiots. Then I found myself dating one, at first it was all good, he would drop the game anytime I came around.

We got married, and things were good. Living our lives, and doing great. One night I went to bed at 10 pm, when I got up at two I was surprised he was not in bed.

I peeked into the living room, and there he was, playing Modern warfare. I went back to bed, wondering when he was gonna come to bed. I felt him come to bed about an hour later.

That went on for about a month straight. We started arguing about it, I wanted to know why he wanted to do that more than take his kids out to play ball or something.

One day while we were at his mom's I noticed he was acting funny. Edgy, upset at nothing, his brother acting equally strange.

About 20 minutes later a friend of ours showed up, one I had not seen in years. One who sold dope for a living. In one entire moment, I lost everything.

I am a recovered addict, and so is my husband, and brother in law. I left! I knew right away, exactly why my life had been a mess the last month.

I packed up the kids, and we left. Anyone playing video games till three in the morning, deserves to lose his wife.

Anyone staying up playing video games, and smoking dope, deserves to lose EVERYTHING!

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Jul 09, 2010
I can relate!
by: Robin

Well not with the dope smoking but with the video games. I was with someone for 9 years and we had a child together. About 8 years into our relationship he started playing video games. It wasn't bad at first but it got a lot worse.

He ended up missing a lot of time at work because he wanted to play his game. His game was Tribes. He had a computer in the basement and it got so bad that he would eat while playing his game and eventually started sleeping in the basement on a couch we had down there. I tried talking to him but he was obsessed with this game. It wasn't too long after he started sleeping beside his computer that I asked him to leave if he didn't want to be with his family.

I hate video games. They ruin people's lives. Well I just wanted to give you my thoughts on this. Great website, by the way.

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