Stages of a Healthy Relationship From Romance to Unconditional Love

The stages of a healthy relationship are similar for many happy couples. Any relationship has its highs and lows.

However, in a healthy relationship, every stage brings the partners closer together, making their bond stronger and more satisfying.

Stages of a Healthy Relationship:

Romance Stage

When you first meet and start dating, you enter a stage of romance. You are constantly thinking about each other, you always want to be together, you try to look your best.

This first stage of a healthy relationship is fun and beautiful, but not too serious yet.

The Steady Stage

Within a few months, you may enter the steady stage, which can last for years. You know each others friends and families, you know each other well, and you enjoy spending time together.

You also have a very strong commitment (including getting engaged and/or married).

You may have occasional misunderstandings and disagreements, most of which are minor and quickly forgiven.

Your physical intimacy has probably heightened, as you have learned each others likes and dislikes. Your love is maturing, but is not completely mature yet.

The Conflict Stage

For some couples the conflict stage is spread throughout other stages, while for others it might be a stage of its own. The conflicts may arise from moving in with each other, financial pressure, family influence, and so on.

Conflicts are healthy as long as they are dealt with the right way. Look for solutions, communicate, or even seek professional help.

It is very important not to let any resentment build, and to openly discuss anything that may be bothering you. This is a stage when many relationships may break down, if solutions to problems are not found.

Unconditional Love Stage

Couples who managed to work out their conflicts, often enter the stage of unconditional love.

This is a truly rewarding stage, where partners become best friends, help each another to blossom, feel secure and self-confident, and have learned to resolve any problems that may arise.

Most healthy relationships make it to the stage of unconditional love. In this stage, you need to continue nurturing your relationship, and it will continue to thrive and grow.

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