A Few Tips on How to Spice up Relationships

Spice up relationships to make them last!

It's very natural that a relationship starts to flow out of its romantic stage somewhere between 18-26 months after its beginning.

The romance starts to disappear and people may notice that their relationship is becoming stale and bland.

What can be done? The easiest and the most fun way to spice up a relationship may be with erotic and sexual fun.

Here are a few ideas that you may want to give a try to:

Charm Him or Her

Charm your partner all a new. Just make yourself look your best, and stun your partner when they get home.

Go out and buy some sexy lingerie

Going out together and shopping for something sexy (lingerie, erotic movies, etc.) will most likely put you into a very erotic mood, even if you end up not purchasing anything!

Watch a nice erotic movie together

Play a game

Try to turn your room into a scene from ancient Greece, Egypt, or Rome. You can cover the floor with rose petals, wear togas and leafy crowns, choose grapes and wine for your meal, and you will start feeling like Cleopatra and Mark Antony!

Visit a place where you first went on a date

This place whether it's a restaurant, a hotel room, a disco, or anything else will probably bring back beautiful memories and make you experience everything once again.

Try being open to new sexual experiences, and try to talk more about sex with your partner. Try not to get "too comfortable" in your relationship, and just have some fun.

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