Protect Yourself by Knowing the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

For young adults and singles, knowing the signs of an unhealthy relationship can provide protection from many unwanted outcomes.

When you are strongly attracted to someone, it can be very difficult to break off the relationship, but if these signs are present, you owe it to yourself to get out, even if you have to get help to do so.

Don't Submit to Unwanted Pressures

First, an unhealthy relationship will probably make you feel pressured to do things you are not ready to do, such as experimenting with sex or using drugs.

If your partner belittles you for not giving in or even becomes violent, then this is an unhealthy relationship.

Furthermore, any relationship that involves drugs, drinking too much alcohol, or other risky behaviors should be avoided from the start.

Try to Establish Some Trust

Another common red flag sign of an unhealthy relationship is jealousy. It may seem flattering if your boyfriend or girlfriend gets angry and jealous when you talk to someone else, but jealousy will get old in a hurry.

It is unreasonable to expect your partner to never even have a conversation with a person of the opposite sex.

In a healthy relationship the partners trust each other enough to not immediately assume that the other person is on the verge of unfaithfulness.

Do not Allow Yourself to be Controlled

Unhealthy relationships are sometimes characterized by one party wanting to controll the other so that the twco are never apart. Someone who is very clingy and won't let you have a life of your own is going to be hard to live with for very long.

A healthier attitude is one that allows you a certain amount of time to pursue your separate interests while still enjoying the time you have together.

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