Signs of a Controlling Relationship - Common Features of a Controlling Partner

Signs of a controlling relationship will generally show with time.

Most relationships start with a phase of sweetness, politeness, understanding, and support.

At the honeymoon stage, it is hard to see the underlying personality traits of the individual that you are dating.

If it is a controlling relationship, with time we find ourselves feeling depressed, unworthy, and emotionally damaged.

In the worst cases, a controlling relationship may even lead to physical abuse.

It is important to learn to distinguish the early signs of a controlling relationship, and to distinguish the controllers who are good at disguising their personality abnormalities.

Here are some common features of a controlling partner:

  • Scary Temper (angry outbursts, yelling, cursing, doing dangerous things, driving too fast, breaking or throwing things, threatening others, getting into fights).
  • Unfortunately, at some point you may experience this temper or violence first-hand.

  • Lowering Your Self-Confidence (repeatedly putting you down, correcting your mistakes, and making you feel unintelligent or unattractive).
  • Isolating You from Support (cutting off your supportive friends and family). Once you are left without support, their control increases.
  • Rough Treatment and Purposeful Hurt (any rough physical treatment of you, your personal property, or surrounding objects).
  • Quick Attachment and Instant Commitment (instant commitment may mean rapid detachment from you in the future).
  • Other common signs of a controller include: cycling from mean to sweet, blaming you in everything, making you drop outside interests and hobbies, tracking you, embarrassing you in public, and threatening you.

    The controller uses their partner to satisfy their selfish need for control, making you lose your identity and peace of mind. If you feel unhappy, damaged and worthless, it might be time to break free from this relationship.

    Maintain a positive attitude, follow your own dreams, and you will meet someone who will honestly and truly appreciate you.

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