Signs of a Bad Relationship and Advice to Improve It

Below are listed the common signs of a bad relationship and advice to improve it:

No Quality Time Together

Quality time together is vital for any relationship to survive.

If you find that it's lacking in your couple, try to start spending more time together to nourish your relationship.

Negative or Sarcastic Comments

No matter who is guilty of being negative or sarcastic in your couple, you can set a good example by becoming less negative and more praising.

Replace the negative with the positive, and you will see an improvement in your relationship.

Not Compromising

In a couple, both partners’ needs have to be met. If you feel that your relationship is imbalanced in this aspect, try to fix it. Give and take, learn to negotiate and be willing to compromise.

Not Hearing One Another

Learn to hear your partner, and let them know that you appreciate them listening to you. Positive encouragement is the best way to help your partner change for the better.

Buried Resentments

When something negative is buried in the dark corners of our consciousness, with time it will grow into a powerful and damaging monster.

Exposing your resentments and letting the light hit the monster will diminish it. If you have something bothering you, calmly talk about it with your partner. When you work together, you have twice the chance of finding a solution.

Other Signs

Other signs of a bad relationships include: lying, disrespect, no personal space, no intimacy, not giving compliments, lack of communication, and constant arguments.

Realizing the problems is the first step to fixing them. Learn to forgive, stay positive, always praise your partner’s efforts, and you can get your relationship back on track.

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