Saving a Relationship? Here are Some Helpful Tips to Consider

Is it Worth Saving

Is it worth saving a relationship? Arm yourself with a pencil and paper, and write down the list of positives and negatives about your relationship.

Do the positives outweigh the negatives? If yes, then it is definitely worth it.

Now if it's 50/50 then you'll have to weigh what's most important to you.

What you mostly can tolerate and what you can't tolerate or compromise with. It's all about narrowing it down.

What is the Real Deal/Problem

You may think that you already know the answer, but it's often hard to see the bigger picture when you are deeply involved in the situation. Create space and time for yourself, and try to pinpoint the real issue/s.

Is Your Partner Willing?

Is your partner willing to work on saving your relationship? A relationship involves both partners. It will only work if both partners are willing to compromise, change, forgive and forget.

Talk to your partner and find out whether they are willing to work together with you.

Share Thoughts and Remain Calm

Share your thoughts and concerns, but do your best to stay calm and positive.

Angry arguments will only shift you further away from each other.

In fact, you may want to hold each others hand or hug each other while sharing your thoughts. It really makes a difference.


Listen to your partner, and do your best not to interrupt them. If you find it hard, use a stopwatch and time several minutes for each of you to talk, and take turns.

How to save a relationship, once you have learned about each others issues? Take action!

Try to communicate openly and often, show love and affection, and praise your partner for their efforts.

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