Ideas for Strengthening and Repairing Relationships

Is repairing relationships possible? Well, it all depends right?

The breakup of a relationship is one of the most traumatic things people have to face.

When you really love someone, you want to work things out even when trust has been broken, as in the case of adultery. Sometimes, trying to fix the relationship, seems like too little, too late.

Still, with some love, patience, honesty, and humility many ailing relationships can be put back together. If you and your partner both want to work things out, that is the first step to making things better.

Remember to Stay Humble

If you want to stay together, but the other person wants out, you have a more challenging task ahead of you. A good place to start is with an honest apology.

If you don't think you are responsible for any of the trouble between you, maybe that's part of the trouble! If you are unsure of what you may have done to hurt your partner, ask with gentleness and respect.

Communicate, Listen and Respect their Wishes

Then listen carefully and consider their reply. An important thing to remember in restoring relationships is that it does not help to yell, scream or accuse. These behaviors will only make things worse.

It is imperative that you try to understand your partner's feelings and needs.

Then, validate the feelings. Everyone needs to feel accepted regardless of how unrealistic it seems to be at the present moment.

Try to See the Humor in the Problem

A great tip for defusing tense moments in a relationship is to find the humor in the situation. This is not the same thing as making a joke at the other person's expense and it takes a delicate hand to turn the atmosphere to one of levity.

Still, if both partners are serious about making the relationship work, it can seem pretty silly to be fighting over some of the things people fight over.

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