Is Relationships Jealousy Good or Bad? Let's Find Out!

Relationships jealousy can either protect or damage. Jealousy is a natural emotion that a healthy person may experience toward their partner, friends, family members, and other valued people.

The funny thing is that a person may even feel jealous of their pet, if it starts favoring other family members, friends, or visitors.

Jealousy is a fear of losing a treasured relationship, and perceiving something as a threat to this relationship.

Mild jealousy protects love and makes it feel stronger. A healthy jealousy may liven up any relationship, make people appreciate each other more and not take one another for granted.

Then again, some people feel jealousy is a disease and there shouldn't be any reasons to feel jealous to a certain degree. It all depends on what's going on.

However, if jealousy becomes intense, irrational, and out of proportion, it may become destructive.

A jealous person can start making embarrassing scenes and feel overwhelmed with their jealousy, while the other partner may start living in a constant fear of a jealous reaction.

How to reduce relationships jealousy?

If you are the jealous one, ask yourself: how realistic is the perceived threat (is there any evidence, etc.)?

Could it be that your own behavior is making things worse?

Try to remind yourself that you are a lovable person and that your partner truly loves you and is totally committed to you.

Share your insecurities with your partner, and ask them for reassurance and help in overcoming this problem.

If you suspect that your possible childhood issues could be to blame, consider counseling

A jealous partner often becomes exhausting for the other partner.

If you have a jealous partner, you may be wondering: how to ease their jealousy?

Try to understand your partner and help them build their confidence. Tell them that you care for them and only want them.

If you fear that your partner's jealousy can do damage to either one of you, consider counseling.

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