Top Signs That Relationship Trouble is On the Way

Perhaps you have had a great relationship from the start.

This doesn't mean that relationship trouble can't happen to you.

It all went well on the first date, and in the last couple of years you have been doing great.

Maybe you aren't feeling quite as happy as you felt at one point in time.

There may be things bothering you about the relationship too.

Trying to figure out if trouble is on the way? Here are the signs that you need to watch out for.

Sign #1

One sign that you may have trouble on the horizon is that you feel like he is far away from you, even though he is right there.

Maybe it feels like you are divided and no longer on the same page.

You may not know what your partner is thinking anymore and things may just seem like you don't know each other.

This is one of the signs that you may have a relationship that is in trouble.

Sign #2

Another one of the signs is that you don't have those great feelings about your significant other.

Perhaps the thought of him or her used to make you smile and feel fuzzy on the inside, but it doesn't do that anymore.

If you think of your significant other and you only see negative things, this is a bad sign.

Sign #3

If you don't have a sex life anymore in your relationship, this can definitely be a big sign of relationship trouble.

Couples that are doing well have intimacy on a regular basis.

Sure, having a slow time is common in relationships, as you go through illness and stress in life.

However, if there is no intimacy between you anymore, the relationship could be headed for some trouble in the future.

Sign #4

Fighting all the time is another big sign of trouble as well. Maybe you are together a lot, but you are always yelling at each other.

The fact that you are fighting all the time is a bad sign. If you are fighting more than you aren't, then this may show you that your relationship needs some serious help.

Sign #5

Maybe you peck each other on the cheek from time to time, but when did you have a great kiss last?

If you are not kissing, then you could be having some relationship trouble.

This is something that shows intimacy, and if you are not "really" kissing each other, then something in the relationship is missing and you have a problem.

Just because you are having relationship trouble doesn't mean it is over. However, you may need to get some help.

If you feel the relationship is worth saving, then get help if you see these signs in your own relationship or you may just need a nice long sit down chat with your significant other.

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