Dealing with Relationship Stress

There will always be a certain amount of relationship stress. Little things happen from day to day that brings stress about, but for the majority of times, at the end of the day, that stress dissolves.

However, sometimes it can mount up and this may be the start of relationship problems, so it is essential that you are able to deal with and overcome the stress in your relationship.

Relationship stress often builds up without you even realizing it and this stress can quickly have an adverse effect on your relationship.

Have Patience With Each Other

For example, you may have cleaned the home from top to bottom, prepared a favorite meal and changed into clothing your partner likes, with the anticipation of sitting down to a relaxing meal and talking over your day.

Your partner comes home; flops down in front of the TV with barely a word said and promptly falls asleep.

The dinner that you slaved over now seems nothing but a waste of time, as their snores grate on your nerves.

Stress starts building up inside you and you storm and bang about in the kitchen, which of course wakes your partner, who wonders what they have done and this leads to an argument. The tension has now ruined what is left of the day!

There's Always Two Sides

However, look at this from the side of your partner.

They have been working 8 hours and nothing went right from the moment they arrived at work.

They have had a very stressful and extremely busy day.

On the way home, they were caught in traffic, which added extra time and stress onto the journey and problems remain at the office waiting for their return tomorrow.

Just when they are able to relax to the point where they fall asleep they are woken by the banging and crashing of pots and pans which jangles their nerves!

It's not they do not appreciate the fact that the home is clean, you look and smell nice and you have taken the time to prepare a nice meal.

It's simply that they are stressed and exhausted from their day. Stress whether it is at work or wherever, has to be released.

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