Things You Can Learn from a Relationship Satisfaction Test

What can you expect to learn from a relationship satisfaction test?

Unlike a compatibility test, a test of your satisfaction in a relationship is not going to tell you how you might feel in the future.

Instead, it will assess your overall happiness with the relationship as it stands right now.

On a relationship satisfaction test, you will answer a lot of questions about how happy you are with various aspects of your relationship, such as how you handle conflicts and how you feel after them, how you feel about the division of household chores between you and your mate, and similar matters.

It's all According on You, People Handle Things Differently

A test of your satisfaction in the relationship is all about how happy you are with things as they are. How satisfied the two of you are with your relationship is nobody's business but your own.

If you like things as they are, that's good enough. For instance, maybe the two of you don't communicate much about your differences, but prefer to just let disagreements resolve themselves.

If that way of conflict resolution works for you then it's fine. It may not be the "best" way for most couples, but how other people stay happy is not the issue. The issue is how you and your partner stay happy.

The important thing is that it doesn't matter what it takes for other people to be happy in a relationship. By taking a test to assess your satisfaction in your relationship, you can put to rest those nagging doubts that maybe the two of you aren't doing it "right."

You can also get a handle on how much of the time the relationship is frustrating to you. You might just find out that you are a lot happier with your partner than you thought you were!

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