Is Relationship Revenge Ever Warranted?

The pain of a breakup often precipitates relationship revenge, and no wonder. When you've been jilted, you feel angry, frustrated and, in a word, vengeful.

While it is not a good idea to stuff those hurt, angry feelings inside, neither is it a good idea to let them run their course.

There are much better, healthier ways to get past the disappointment and on with your life.

If you feel like getting even, you can try a little online game called "Relationship Revenge," and see what a few fantasies might look like if you acted them out.

There's more Than One way to Skin a Cat

In reality, if you do anything too mean, you are likely to get in deeper trouble than you want to.

After all, that person who hurt you is really not worth it. There are better ways to get back at them than acting out in a sneaky or vicious way.

Probably the best revenge is to dust yourself off, put on a confident expression, and get on with your life.

In fact, if your departed lover sees you thriving in spite of the pain, you may have them come crawling back to you.

Even if this is not what you want, it is still better than the negative things that will come about if you react in revenge.

You may be Just Hurting Yourself. Just let go

In short, there are more constructive ways to deal with rejection in a relationship. Revenge is like grudge holding.

It really does more damage to the person doing it than the one it is done to. It is a way that person is keeping you irritated and unhappy.

They are still in control, even if they are gone! Don't let them have that victory.

Do the best you can to put on an optimistic outlook. It may sound trite, but given enough time, your broken heart will heal.

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