Relationship Information on the Top Myths That Can Kill Your Love

Here is some great relationship information on the common relationship myths that could kill your love if you don't learn and understand the truth about them.

If you are taking what you believe about relationships from fairy tales and movies, you have the wrong relationship information.

Unfortunately, if you accept the things you find in books and movies as truth, then your relationships could be at risk. It's important that you sort through the myths of relationships to avoid killing the love that you really have.

Myth #1 - Love is Always Going to Be Enough

This is a myth that is right from the fairy tales. Love isn't enough to be able to hold an entire relationship together. You need good communication and problem solving skills.

A good piece of information to remember is to realize that there is no "happily ever after." In all those movies, you don't see what happens after the prince rides in and carries his princess away.

There are days of getting used to each other, dealing with relatives, money problems, illness, and more. Life throws a lot at you, and while intimacy is a part of your relationship, there is a lot of change as well, which is not always so easy.

Realize that there is a lot more to a good relationship than love, although that definitely has to be the building block to a great relationship.

Myth #2 - You Have Nothing to Learn

This is another big myth that is not true at all. There will always be new relationship information to learn. Even if you had great parents who really loved each other, you don't know everything about relationships.

You are going to have to learn to solve problems together. You'll need to learn to communicate. You'll both grow and things will change. As this happens, you will have to change and learn more.

There are many skills to master including: problem solving, communicating, conflict resolution, dealing with money, self esteem issues, supporting each other, making decisions, compromising with each other, and more.

Myth #3 - Your Partner Will Change

Many people go into a relationship believing this myth, but it never comes true. If you think you can make your partner change into the person you want them to be, you'll be very disappointed. Never be in the people changing business.

This is not going to happen and if you believe this, you are going to end up killing the relationship that you are in. Don't expect things to change as your relationship progresses. What you see is what you get. Realize this and your relationship will be much healthier.

These are just a few of the relationship myths that can end up killing your love. Many people make the mistake of believing these myths and their relationship ends up being hurt because they do so.

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