Is There a Relationship Doctor in the House?

It's ok to seek the help of a relationship doctor.

I think most of us have come to a point where we've wanted to scream for the help of a certified, or certifiable, doctor.

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Are you Willing to Take Heed to the Advice?

In order to take full advantage of an unbiased opinion, you have to be willing to accept their advice and make a conscious decision to or not to take action.

For instance, let's say your significant other has an addiction (at least in your eyes it's an addiction) to sports or soap operas.

You can't find time alone with your mate without the TV blaring ESPN or the conversation somehow turning to Babe Ruth or Tiger Woods or Erica on All My Children.

So you seek help, and what did the doctor say?

Plainly, you can either find something else to do while sports are the object of your lover's attention or, you can politely, but firmly, tell them this isn't going to cut it and you require undivided attention at least some of the time.

Or, you can jump on the couch, ranting, flailing your arms as you try to pry the remote out of their hand.

There are Helpful Options

Either way, relationship doctor has given you options, each with a different outcome, some more obvious than others, and it's your turn to take action or just play dumb.

The point is, when you seek help, a counselor, friend, pastor or confidant can only do so much. You are the one physically in the relationship you feel needs doctoring.

Only you can hold yourself accountable for your actions, or lack of action, and the health of your relationship.

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