Test Your Prospects for Happiness with Relationship Compatibility Tests

Those relationship compatibility tests you see all the time online are a lot of fun to take, but what can you expect to gain from taking them? Basically, these quizzes get your opinions on basic matters and also provide an overview of your personality.

It's Best to Know Yourself and Your Partner

To predict how happy a relationship is going to be, you need to have the person you are dating take the same test. There are relationship compatibility tests in which you choose answers for yourself and for the other party, but in order for these to reveal much, you need to know that other person pretty well.

For people just starting out in a dating relationship, both people will have to take the quiz. Another option is to use the quiz questions as a way to get to know each other better.

Have Fun with It and Don't take it so Seriously

Take your list of questions on a date and discuss the answers together. This process doesn't have to be dry and professional. Laugh about your differences and enjoy when you agree.

The hard part, however, will be when you realize you really like each other in spite of not getting great compatibility scores. Are you going to let a couple of numbers and some computer advice keep you from a relationship? Should you?

The answer to that depends on a couple of things. For one thing, what are your hopes for the relationship? Do you just want to be friends and share a few laughs and good times?

Or do you want to make a lasting commitment to this person? The other consideration is this. Sometimes a relationship compatibility test will reveal red flags in the relationship that should make you sit up and take note.

It is very easy to deceive ourselves about another person's character when we are falling in love with them, but if they are opinionated, overbearing, angry, apathetic,or violent, your love is soon going to be tested severely. It is better to break off the relationship early regardless of how you may feel.

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