Relationship Break Up Advice for People in Failing Relationships.

Relationship break up advice can help those who are on the verge of a break up, but unsure if it's time to put an end to their failing relationship. Is the love that you felt in the beginning long gone?

May your relationships expiration date be approaching or even overdue? Ask yourself the following questions to determine where you really stand.

How often do you argue?

Has arguing become a common "pastime" for your couple? Arguing frequently can indicate an impending breakup.

Are you Fighting?

When you fight, what triggers it? Is it something major or do you argue over every little thing?

Arguing over silly little things may mean having a hard time being together, and could mean that you are ready to break up or just give a little space for a while.

Do you still enjoy each other

Do you still enjoy spending time together, or you can't wait to get away from your partner? Wanting to run away may show that this relationship isn't meant to be.

Are you happy?

When you think of breaking up, do you feel happy or sad? Trust your heart.

If you feel happy thinking about living alone, it may mean that you are ready to leave.

Are you really ready to move on?

Are you already considering new relationships?

Considering a new relationship may mean that you are ready to leave, and have stepped on a path of healing from your current relationship.

The bottom line of this relationship break up advice: Take an honest look back at your relationship. Is there a problem that may have a solution?

Or has your relationship passed its expiration date, and you are procrastinating to end it due to feeling guilty or being afraid to be alone?

Consider the above relationship advice, thoroughly weigh all the pros and cons of your relationship, and trust your inner self when it tells you how to proceed.

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