Obsessive Relationships Make Everyone Miserable

How many obsessive relationships have you seen or heard about? A relationship that's obsessive is when one person is obsessed with another.

It is usually extremely imbalanced, with the obsessed person possibly even becoming psychotic and stalking the object of their affection. Obsession can sneak up on you.

Here are some tips to tell if your relationship is obsessive and what to do if it is.

Have Your Own Life

Do you plan your entire life around your loved one? Do you think of him/her every waking hour and do anything you can to be near him/her?

Are you willing to let him/her walk on you and treat you like dirt or even run around on you because you are so in love with him/her that you are willing to live on the crumbs they leaves behind?

Then you are probably obsessive, and need to get free from these feelings. Or maybe you have a boyfriend or girlfriend who is flat out crazy about you. Do they act like they worship the ground you walk on or as if you can do no wrong?

The sad thing is that the only way those feelings work is if both partners are hopelessly dedicated to each other.

When one partner is hopelessly devoted, they feel dissatisfied at all times and the other partner feels trapped or pressured into a commitment they aren't ready for.

Surviving as the obsessive partner means you will need to learn to let him/her have space while you pursue interests of your own. The more you have your own life; the less his/her slights will hurt you.

If you are struggling greatly in this type of relationship, it is completely appropriate to seek out counseling.

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