Master Slave Relationship - Authoritative Relationship between Two Adults

The term master slave relationship may remind you about the world history of slavery, sexual fetish, and even the special type of communication between two electronic devices.

Here we will talk about the pathological master/slave relationship that arises between two partners in a couple, detrimental to the “enslaved” partner.

Pay Attention to all Actions

In the beginning of such relationship, the master tries to act and look their best, hiding their authoritative tendencies.

However, as time goes by the master gradually starts to make their slave partner believe that they are inferior and less capable, making them submissive and obedient.

The master wants their partner to serve them, honor them, and fulfill their needs with no regard to the needs and opinions of their partner. The master does not want to change or compromise.

Each time the slave partner fails to adhere to this kind of treatment, the master will criticize them and try to make them feel bad.

If the rebellion persists, the master may turn vindictive, hurting and punishing their partner for not giving in.

The master may try to stop their partner from working, in order to gain complete controll and dependence over them.

The masters often look for younger and more naive partners, as well as less educated partners, or emotionally traumatized people.

Learn to be in Controll of Yourself

Authority and control have no place in a healthy relationship between two adults, where both partners have to be treated equally.

If you find yourself in the master slave relationship, you need to start speaking up.

Get Another Opinion

Talking to your partner, as well as to your supportive friends and family, will point out the absurdness of this situation, and help you to deal with it and to break free.

Then Again it's all According on What's your Thing

Then again, you'll be suprised at how many couples get off / or require as they say these types of relationships.

Some people don't mind being dominated and some don't mind doing the dominating. ;) Remember people are different. What may sound obsurd to you may make sense to another.

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