Love Hate Relationships - Causes and Prognosis

Love hate relationships are something that we may often see in movies, such as a good girl loving a bad boy, and hating herself for loving him.

However, relationships that are love and hate is not just something that you will find in a movie and many adults may experience such a relationship in their real life.

It may happen that one of the partners simultaneously feels love for their partner, or that these emotions alternate. This kind of relationship is more common for the people of a fiery nature, as well as for artistic people, including celebrities.

What are you Tolerating?

This type of relationship may often arise if there is jealousy in a relationship, or if it's a love triangle.

If you know or suspect that there is another person in the life of your partner who you still love, you may also start hating your partner for what he/she does to you.

It often happens that one of the partners does something immoral or otherwise unacceptable which makes the other partner hate this behavior.

If love is still present in the couple, and the partners cannot part due to their strong love, this may also give the rise to the love and hate for one of the partners.

Another reason for a the love hate can be constant conflicts that you may be having in regard to any matter.

If there is a strong love between both partners, the couple will keep arguing while loving each other.

Some Science Studies

Do love and hate relationships last?

Some scientists believe that this kind of relationship may be actually stronger than a regular relationship with just love, because there develops an additional strong bond between the partners: HATE.

However, such a relationship is often draining to one or both partners, causing constant temporary break ups.

Until one day, the partners may not be able to tolerate the tension anymore and break up for good.

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