Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships Is Hard but Doable.

Letting Go Isn't Easy

Letting go of unhealthy relationships is difficult. Even if you have realized that your relationship is unhealthy and damaging, it is often hard to sever the ties that connect you to a bad relationship.

However, letting go of a relationship that's unhealthy is essential. Even if you still reminiscence the love and romance that you had with your partner, and still have attraction to them, you should let go.

If it's hurtful and damaging, you need to be strong and say goodbye to it.

You need to let the bad go to make space for the good. It's a part of the human growth process, and you truly need to learn not to cling to something that may be hindering your further growth.

It's Not All About Forgetting

Letting go of a unhealthy relationship doesn't mean forgetting it. Carry with you the happy memories, as well as the lessons you have learned from your past relationship, but release the emotional baggage you may be carrying.

Release the Baggage

Once you let go, avoid harboring animosity or anger, as it can create problems in your emotional well-being. You will feel better and become open to a new and better relationship.

Learn From Your Mistakes

In the new relationship, try not to repeat the old mistakes.

Set your standards appropriately, learn to identify manipulative/abusive relationships, don't over or under-invest in the relationship, and continuously ask yourself if you are happy in your new relationship.

Relationships are meant to enrich your life and help you grow through a bond with another person.

You need to recognize and avoid unhealthy connections, and you will be able to live happier.

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