Lasting Tattoo for Unlasting Love

by Sydney
(Milledgeville, Ga)

My Hand and His* Our

My Hand and His* Our "Love Tattoo"

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When my boyfriend suggested we get tattoo's together, I was a little freaked out by the idea. I mean did I really want to be 85 years old with a tattoo?

However, he was constantly bringing it up and it was constantly causing he fight. He would always say "We are going to be together forever, why does it matter?"

Well let me tell you all why it matters. Three months after getting these "Love Tattoo's" we headed for splitsville. Unfortunately I could not part ways with this tattoo.

So during the healing process, every time I so much as looked at my hand I started crying. I am currently in the process of having it removed. It is at this point I wish I would have stuck with my gut.

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Jul 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

you should have to live with it for being that stupid. get a tattoo because its something that you want. when you decided that it would make your love binding thats the first sign your a moron .

Dec 14, 2009
It's Not That Bad
by: Anonymous

Hey Sydney, at least those two words can be used for different thoughts and can be used to mean different things. Just look at it as messages out to the world.

You guys will love again and you'll aaaalways want to live, so don't beat yourself up. If you decided to keep it, I think it would be fine. It would just be for another reason. So relax, it's fine. Nice tat by the way.

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