Keeping A Distance At Strange Times

by Annie
(Christiansburg, Virginia, USA)

Visitors Story:

A friend of mine was dating a guy who lived about an hour away. He insisted she never come up to the town he lived in.

He would never introduce her to his friends and never wanted to go even close to the town he lived in when they were on dates.

He also told her he couldn't spend Christmas with her because he was taking a hunting trip by himself from Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas.

This was in the cold mountains. He had a kid and I don't know any father who would volunteer to not spend Christmas with their child.

As it turned out, he really did have a kid and a wife to go with the kid that he hadn't told her about and there was no hunting trip.

Always be on guard if someone doesn't want you to meet their relatives, friends or even want you to come to the town they live in. Odds say they are hiding something BIG and human.

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