How to Make Relationships Work and Last

How to make relationships work?

The fact is that each of the two partners in a couple need to work on their relationship in order to make it work and last.

It often happens that partners are only willing to put efforts into their relationship in its very early stages, becoming lazier with time.

And that's when the relationship may start to fall apart.

Each relationship goes through stages. When you first start to date, it's the stage of romance and lust.

The first couple of years together are a stage of learning each other better.

The next several years together are the stage of developing a bond. However, together with learning to better understand each other and developing a bond, there often also comes boredom, conflicts and mutual dissatisfaction as the relationship progresses.

There Should be More Good Times than Bad

Ask yourself a question - Are there more ups or downs in your relationship? If you cannot answer this question on the spot, then take a pen and write down the good and the bad aspects of your relationship in two separate columns.

If there are more downs than ups, you need to start working on your relationship even more than you did before.

Try to Compromise

Try to see the reasons behind your dissatisfaction. Could it be high expectations that you project on your partner?

Could it be that you want your partner to do more than you are willing to do? If so, it's time to start lowering your expectations and to try to openly communicate with your partner and to ask them to do the same.

You Must See Eye to Eye

There is no right or wrong; there's only compatible and incompatible when it comes to relationships. Are you and your partner compatible enough?

If the answer is yes, then your relationship will work. If not, then it might not work in the long run.

If your relationship cannot be saved, no matter how hard you try, take it as if you and your partner had to kiss yet another frog in your search for a prince/princess, and move on with your lives.

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