Are Horoscope Tattoos Taboo or Perfect for You?

Horoscope tattoos are of course a matter of personal choice just as with any tattoo design.

However, you might want to give them a great deal of thought, as they are a little more on the personal side than a humming bird or butterfly.

However if you do not consult your star sign regularly, and have no idea what your sign means, then you may want to think again.

Those who take astrology very seriously may wish to have their own zodiac horoscopes tattoo sign, picture or symbol related to their sign, tattooed on their body to show their relationship and belief in the stars and planets.

If you are intent on having a horoscope tat then there are many options available to you.

For instance, you may wish to include not only your star sign into the design, or the symbol relating to your star sign, but also the element and color may be taken into account.

For example if you are Aries, the ram, then your color is red, the body part related to the sign is the head and the element is fire.

So therefore, you have many choices for the design when considering your own personal horoscope tat design.

You may wish to have a rams head tattoo in the color red. You could have the ram surrounded by flames, which of course includes red colors.

Your chosen tattoo and the design is limited only by your imagination and remember tats can be addictive. Make sure you get a professional. Someone that knows what they're doing. I've heard some real horror stories about a tats that didn't come out as expected.

Say me for instance. I wanted a tattoo on my wrist of the shape of a bracelet. I must be blind cause it doesn't look like a bracelet to me and it seemed as though it looked worse over time, lol. So be careful

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