He's Affectionate

by Alison
(Flint. Mi)

Visitors Story:

My boyfriend never ever, and I do mean never talk to me affectionately, the closest i get is a pat on the head.

What I liked about him was his seriousness, and I’m ok with it. One day I got the feeling that he was cheating on me, when he came home so happy and bright. “Why are you so happy?" I asked.

He put away his cellphone he was tinkering with and hugged and kissed me, calling me his baby, and said that i need to relax. Ding ding! To make a long story short, I found out why he was so happy.

My boyfriend had a chat buddy, a female online friend. I confronted him about it, because I hacked into his phone.

He called me crazy and said he wanted to end things because there was no trust. My advice is, if your boyfriend acting "emotionally" different toward you, it's a red flag.

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