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Once being naive and stupidly optimistic in my youth, lead to needless to say many broken hearts.

Bitterness set in and I swore never to be so easily fooled again. Sometime during the winter, after many years settled in cynicism, a rather rude younger man entered into my life.

It was awkward the way we met. Having been awoken at an early hour on the weekend by the new tenant playing guitar, I went over and gave him the coldest glare.

Unabashed he apologized in a hasty and somewhat insincere manner. Aggravated by a long week at work I stomped into his apartment and cut the cable connecting to the amp and quickly ran off.

Several more awkward encounters lead to a strange yet comfortable aquaintance. He boldly confessed one day and asked that we officially date.

I was skeptical so I decided to allow this for 12 days. They were some of the best days of my life and regardless that it may or may not work out in the end, I was glad that I could allow myself to fall in love again.

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