Is Your Relationship Healthy? Use Our Healthy Relationship Quiz to Find Out!

Are you in a healthy relationship? Answer the following healthy relationship quiz questions to find that out. This quiz is just to give you a little something to go on.

Relationships are serious matters, but relationships are supposed to be fun as well.

What's a big part of any relationship? HUMOR. It wouldn't be a bad idea for you and your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend etc., to take the quiz together.

Sit apart from each other and answer the same questions separately and compare your answers. You may be surprised about what someone else really feels. Now isn't that fun? ;)

Give yourself one point for each "yes" answer, and calculate your total score to see what it means.

Relationship Quiz Questions:

1. Is your partner supportive of the things that you do?

2. Do they encourage you to try some new things that you could enjoy?

3. Do they like to listen when you have something to say?

4. Does your partner allow you to have your own life and space too?

5. Do any of your friends or family members like your partner?

6. Does your partner text, email or call you often?

7. Do they allow you to be free with the way you look, what you wear, and what you do?

8. Do they encourage you to visit your family and friends?

9. Do they control their mood well, such as never raise their voice at you?

10. Do they make you feel comfortable and secure?

11. Do they try to lift your spirits and give you compliments or encouraging words?

12. Do they take blame for their own actions and mistakes?

13. Do they make you feel treasured and worthy?

14. Is your partner totally opposed to physical violence, and has never abused you physically?

15. Is your partner totally opposed to emotional abuse, and has never abused you emotionally?

Quiz Scoring:

0-5 "yes" answers: Your relationship seems to be less healthy than it should be, or too new to tell.

6-10 "yes" answers: There are a couple of unhealthy aspects in your relationship. Consider talking to your partner about them, and encourage your partner to do the same.

11-15 "yes" answers: Your relationship seems to be perfectly healthy. Keep up the good work!

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