Gone but not forgotten

by jason
(riverside, ca)

Well i had this really bad relationship where i was constantly being judged and put down.

Everyday there was something new for this woman to get pissy with me about.

Nothing was her fault and I was always known as the piece of garbage and crap and everything negative under the sun.

Well after 2 years of that, i built up my self esteem and I got out of there. The day after, I followed my dream to be in California.

Thou the night before after some drinking with my best friend i decided to get that tattoo. It is African, it means only god can judge.

That is how I look at life now, only my god can judge me.

So when people say bad things about me, it doesn't bother me cause i know they have no real control over me.

I hope that makes someone feel better on here.


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