Ending Emotional Abuse in Relationships Requires Courage

Emotional abuse in relationships is unfortunately a common problem.

Many marriages are battlegrounds, resulting in broken hearts, unhappy children, and even injury.

While it is easy to say that people should not be mean to their spouses and children, the sad truth is that human beings are imperfect, and anyone can let a cruel word slip.

The problem is when the cruelty becomes a pattern. The abusive person in a marriage can be either the man or the woman.

Here are a few signs of emotional abuse in relationships.

  • The abusive person is often secretive about their use of money and where they go when they are away.
  • They will often get angry when their spouse asks them about these things and will threaten, criticize, belittle or accuse their partner of causing all the fights.

  • Another common trait of an abuser is that they appear sweet and caring to people outside the home, but become a different person altogether when you are alone and out of the public eye.
  • When you're married to an emotionally abusive person, it is easy to begin to believe it is all your fault. It is not all your fault.

    You deserve respect and fair treatment, and may choose that the marriage is not worth saving.

    Be aware that most instances of violence or homicide in a marriage take place right around the time of a breakup, so take precautions to insure your safety if you choose to end the marriage.

  • Stand up for Yourself

    On a more hopeful note, sometimes the emotionally abusive relationship can be saved. If you want to try to save yours, you must be strong.

    Be your own person and don't let yourself appear weak or wimpy to your partner.

    Do not waste time trying to get your partner to talk about their feelings or the problems between you because chances are they do not think they are the problem.

    You probably won't get your partner to agree to counseling, but getting it for yourself can be a great help. But remember this tip, most things happen to you because you allow it.

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