Helpful Dating Tips for Guys

Not having any luck? Here are some dating tips for guys.

Dating can be difficult for guys. After all, even though things have changed quite a bit, it still seems to remain the man's role to have to approach women and show their interest.

Again, there are many women unafraid to do this themselves, but usually, the man usually initiate things.

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This, of course, opens guys up to all kinds of rejection and embarrassment and havoc. If you want to avoid some of this trouble, there are some dating tips for guys out there.

How to Make the First Move

First, assess the other person's interest level before approaching. Sure, some guys can just walk up to almost any girl and be confident that they will charm their socks off.

The rest of us want to make sure that we aren't walking into hostile territory.

Make eye contact with them a couple of times, and see if they give you a little smile, or if they keep looking at you. If they do, it may be worth a chance!

Secondly, be confident! It can be hard, especially when rejection may lurk right around the corner, but women love confidence.

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You will not find many ladies who prefer a man who's timid, or a guy who doesn't think highly of themselves. And if you do find a woman that likes timid men, or men that don't think highly of themselves, be careful.

It may mean that they like to be in control. And once a man allows a woman to be fully in control, she may not respect him. If you don't like yourself, why should she?

Don't cross the line into arrogance though. Women aren't too crazy about that most of the time, but you'd have a better shot than being a wimp. I'd say tone it down a little, but be yourself. Let her know who you are and what she's getting.

Don't be afraid to show your personality! Sure you can play the "cool guy" role, but what happens if you hook up for a date? Then you have to continue playing that role, because that is what she seemed to be attracted to.

Eventually, you are going to have to be yourself, and then she will feel as if you were deceiving her, or she will notice the change.

It is better to be yourself from the get go. Sure, you may not get every girl to fall for you, but when one does, you will know she likes the real you, and not some fake version of you!


So following most dating tips for guys ain't easy. It takes practice. You can change your ways if you want to.

That's if you feel that there is something about you that you'd like to change, or something that may need changing. Not for someone else, but for yourself.

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