Avoid Trouble with These Five Dating Safety Tips

Follow these five dating safety tips. Dating can be one of the most pleasurable times of all or it can turn into a frightful nightmare!

Too many people (usually women) have been harmed or threatened by their dates.

Follow these rules to maximize your chance of staying safe and having fun, pleasant dates.

Use Your Intuition And Your Common Sense

Someone's looks and charm are not the whole person. There can be much more beneath the surface and some of it can be dangerous.

Don't be so desperate or so trusting that you ignore red flags or irksome feelings that something is not quite right about the guy/gal that wants to date you.

Start Out As Friends Meeting With Friends

Don't be too quick to get romantically involved with someone you don't know well. Get to know each other in a public, group setting first.

You don't really have to go out as a group. You may just be a private person and if that's the case, make sure someone you trust know where you're going and who you're going out with.

Watch for red flags

Red flags such as drinking too much or talking about drinking or drugs. People who are dependent on a substance often talk about that substance much of the time. Get out of this relationship before it becomes too serious.

Another dating safety tip is to pay attention to everything that the person you're dating does, says and reacts to things. Pay attention to the company that they keep.

Are they acting jealous or suspicious

Does he/she act like he/she wants to own you or that you should report your every action to him/her?

Be careful about trusting your date too early

Sometimes the guy/gal who seems too good to be true is not what he seems. Stalking or abuse usually don't happen until you've dated a while.

It takes time to get to know people, sometimes longer than what you'd expect. Sometimes when you think you know someone, WAM, they do or say something that you don't expect.

If a date acts offended that you are still cautious, it could be a sign he/she is pressuring you into a dangerous situation. Don't fall for it.

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