Dating Romance Advice for Men Romance Your Lady

Here is a look at some great dating romance advice and tips to help you keep your lady interested so you can show her what a romantic guy you really are.

Tired of hearing the same romantic ideas over and over again?

Sure, you already know about having a candlelight dinner and other cliché romance tips, but if you really want to romance your lady and keep her interested, you'll need something more.

Send Romantic Emails And Texts

Keep her interested. Send her romantic emails and texts throughout the day. Women like to know that you are thinking about them, and you can do this simply with just quick text or email to let her know that you're thinking about her.

Surprise Her with Flowers for No Reason

Another simple piece of advice to remember is to do little things to surprise her for no special reason at all. Sometimes, if you've been dating a while, you forget about the romance of your relationship and she starts to feel like there is no romance there anymore.

Find out her favorite flowers and send them to her. It's a great way to show her your romantic side. She’ll love the flowers, and she’ll be surprised. But, be careful with the flower thing. ;)

Have a Slow Dance Together

Having a slow dance together is another great dating romance advice tip to help you romance your lady. Simply turn on some music at your home and have a slow dance with her, or at a restaurant that has dancing. Take her out on the floor to slow dance together.

This is a romantic gesture she'll never forget. You may even want to consider signing the two of you up for dance class so you can enjoy being together and dancing with each other. This is sure to convince your lady that you are a hopeless romantic.

Romance Her Palate

Consider romancing her palate. Sure, you have dinner out on a regular basis, but this isn't the same as having a romantic dinner or romancing her palate.

Instead of getting together at a restaurant for dinner, consider doing some more romantic, such as going to a cheese and wine tasting, taking her to a chocolate making company to taste gourmet chocolates, or making your own gourmet and romantic dinner to share with her.

These are just a few pieces of dating romance advice that can help you to keep your special lady interested. Many women complain that their men aren't romantic enough.

Well, use these tips and this definitely won't be her complaint. She'll love the way you romance her and you should have no problem holding onto her for good.

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