Dating Friends Advice for Friends with Benefits

If you have decided to have a friend with benefits, here is some dating friends advice to help you make it through this unique and complicated situation with success.

Although many people seem to think that dating their friends is "taboo", dating your friends can actually be a great idea.

While you don't want to ruin a friendship, you are already friends with those people, so it means they have things in common with you and qualities that have already drawn you to them.

Of course, dating friends can get a bit complicated, because you already have a certain history together.

Think Carefully Before Making the Choice

One important piece of dating friends advice is to think very carefully before making the choice to date a friend.

The last thing you want to do is make this choice and then realize it's not what you really wanted, thus making a mess of your friendship forever.

Even though your friend may be an incredible person; you don't have to start dating.

Don't make the mistake of just dating a friend because you are feeling lonely.

Never use a friend as a rebound either. Be sure that you really want to date this person and then you can make your move.

Figuring Out if They're Interested

Figuring out if they are interested is also important if you're considering dating a friend.

You don't want to ask out a friend only to be totally embarrassed because they aren't interested in you at all.

Listen to what they say and watch their body language.

If you're pretty sure they are interested, then you can take the next step. They may even take the next step themselves.

There are many people who have found true love with one of their very best friends.

Sometimes it's easy to never think of friends in that way at all.

You're so comfortable with the friendship that you may not think of them as a possible date.

However, some great relationships have come from two people who were very good friends first. If you are having feelings for a friend, you don't have to brush those feelings away.

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