You do not have to speak the language to read your daily Chinese horoscope.

The daily Chinese horoscope relies on a 12-year cycle that the Chinese use and this determines what animal sign you fall under.

If you want advice and an insight into your love life, relationships, careers or matters of finance, then you may be able to find all this and more with your daily horoscope reading.

The Chinese calendar is different to the Western calendar in that the start of a New Year falls at the end of January beginning of February.

Depending on the year that you were born you may be a:

  • Dog
  • Dragon
  • Horse
  • Monkey
  • Pig
  • Ox
  • Rabbit
  • Rat
  • Rooster
  • Sheep
  • Tiger
  • Snake
  • Just as your star sign in the Western world typically relates to your outlook on life and characteristics, then so does your Chinese animal sign?

    For instance, if you were born under the year of the horse, then typically you will be cheerful and a very popular person.

    While the Chinese horoscope is becoming very popular in the Western world, the Chinese themselves do not regard them as serious predictions and instead think of them as nothing more than amusement.

    It is also becoming very popular to use both the Chinese horoscopes and Western together.

    Whether you regard horoscopes as being nothing more than fun, you are skeptical or you believe in them, they have been around for thousands of years and will continue to be around for many more.

    There are plenty of sites online that can give you readings about love sex, money and careers. Remember it's all in fun and really should not be taken to seriously.

    Come back periodically. Soon I'll have a great listing of horoscope sites that you go through. Many sites will allow your first reading free.

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