What is Codependency in Relationships?

Everyone is talking about codependency in relationships these days, but what exactly does a codependent relationship look like?

Basically, codependency refers to a situation in which two people depend on each other in an unhealthy and unbalanced way.

One person is a taker and the other person is a giver.

The "taker" is often addicted to drugs or alcohol, or has other problems, such as a mental illness. The "giver" is the one who is referred to as "codependent."

It's good to care about the one you love, but in the case of a codependent relationship, the person who gives begins to feel like they do not deserve better treatment.

In fact, their behavior often enables their loved one to continue to indulge in their addictions and not get treatment. The result is a vicious cycle of neediness.

Where did it Begin

Codependency in relationships often begins in childhood. When families are dysfunctional, children grow to feel like they are not worthy of proper care, and the result is low self-esteem.

Later, when those children enter a romantic relationship, they will tend to choose someone with great needs so that they can be needed. This leads to a very unbalanced relationship.

Codependent relationships also show up between parents and children, such as when a mother enables a grown child to be irresponsible by bailing them out financially over and over.

This can Affect your Health

If you fall into the pattern of being codependent, it can lead to depression and stress related illnesses. The first step to recovery is to realize the problem and make a decision to take care of yourself.

This will probably require being very tough in cutting ties with your loved one. It will be worth it, though, because in the long run, your tough love is the best thing for your partner.

It's all According to you

Then again people are different. Some people have ways of making things work. It's all about being a match. If this kind of relationship is acceptable to the both you, then hey as they say, do your thing.

It's all according on what's acceptable to the both of you no matter how absurd it may be to someone else.

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