Blind Dating Tips to Ease Those Nervous Dates

If you are up to the challenge of going on blind dates, here are some blind dating tips. If you're single and looking, and/or you have friends who are concerned about you, you've probably been set up with a blind date. You're always taking a chance. Blind date or not.

I would get the person on the phone first to get a feel for the conversation. Have the person shoot you a photo maybe.

One thing I don't like is to be in an uncomfortable situation.

Some people can handle that but if I can have most of my bases covered before hand then so be it.

Before you meet the date, lower your expectations a little. Remember that you are really just making a new friend. Also keep in mind that people can't help what they look like. Give your date the same chance you'd want to be given.

If you do hit it off with this person, do remember to go slow. First impressions can be deceiving, especially if you are attracted to the way they look.

Listen, Pay Attention and Try Not to Go Against Your Grain. Be Yourself

Don't let an initial rush blind you to obvious red flags. Stick with your standards. For instance, if you don't drink or smoke and don't want a relationship with someone who does, then don't let down your standards for this date just because he or she is good-looking.

Don't Feel Obligated to Give Lots of Info. About Yourself

Finally, don't give this person too much information about you in the start. If they get attached to you and become overly jealous, clingy or demanding, you will have a lot harder time getting rid of them if they know your phone number, address, place of work, and other personal information.

But then again it all depends on how you feel. This rule is not edged in stone. Do what ever is comfortable for you.

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