Best Friend-Itus

by Jennifer
(Waterford, MI, USA)

Visitors Story:
Before I realized my husband was cheating, all of a sudden our relationship seemed to get magically better. It was the best friend-itus setting in. For several months we had been having an increasingly rocky relationship.

We talked less and argued more, things seemed to be slipping down the slope, but then all of a sudden, we started talking again. He opened up and started sharing his feelings, he wanted to go do things with my son and I, he was more generous than he had been in years.

And it was all because of the guilt he felt for cheating on me. He was my best friend. Maybe you might get lucky, and actually be experiencing an upturn in your relationship.

However, for me, the suddenness of it all, and the intensity of his efforts to keep me happy after so many months of sulking and ignoring me made me suspicious. And I was right. If it feels too good to be true, chances are it is, even in a matter like this.

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