Have a Great Relationship with Adult Dating Advice

Here is some adult dating advice about how successful, intimate relationships develop and what you can do to increase your own chances.

When teens date, their goal is often fun and friendship along with romance. Life is new to them.

Teens don't even know who they are yet. Different variables go into picking someone to be with. Teens make focus more on looks or who's the new jock of the school etc.

For adults, however, the emphasis is more on getting into that comfortable relationship that lasts. The variables are a little different when you're seasoned adult.

An adult may want to know things like where do you see yourself a few years from now. Questions like what do you do for a living? etc.

Feeling Comfortable With Him/Her Is Important

First there are some basic principles to consider when choosing someone with which to develop intimacy. The most basic is that you feel safe around them.

When you are stressed or upset, you seek out their company rather than trying to avoid it. This is an important point to consider.

Does the boyfriend or girlfriend that you are dating tend to make you feel less safe and more uncomfortable in your problems?

Then your relationship is probably never going to be what you're hoping for. Look for someone else.

Have Something In Common

The second basic principle is that you need to have something in common with the person that you are dating as well as feelings of romantic chemistry. Both of these things are critical to a happy future.

If you have too little in common, the chemistry will not keep you going in the long run. If you don't have much natural chemistry now, you may never have a strong enough connection to keep one of you from falling into an affair later on.

Looks Is Ok, But Try To See Eye To Eye Most Of The Time

Most successful romantic relationships begin with physical attraction, but that is only the beginning.

The best advice is to remember that there is a lot more to developing a sweet relationship than just liking how someone looks!

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