Abuse in Relationships are Extremely Detrimental to One or Both Partners

Abuse in relationships is a rather common problem and it's definitely more common than the statistics show.

There are two main types of abuse: physical and emotional.

Emotional abuse is especially concealed, as it leaves no visible physical signs for other people to notice and to try to intervene.

It may happen that both types of abuse are present in a relationship or there may only be one type present.

Any kind of abuse is harmful to the victim, as well as to the children, if the couple has children.

Any kind of abuse is directed towards intimidating and controlling the other partner - the victim.

Statistically, men are most often the abusers and women are most often the victims. However, there are many cases of women being abusive. What can be constituted as abuse?

Here are the some signs that indicate abuse:

  • Criticizing, putting the partner down, or name calling
  • Attempting to stop you from seeing some of your friends or family members
  • Humiliating and ridiculing you in front of the other people
  • Threatening to hurt themselves, other people, you, or your children, in order to get what they want
  • Any kind of physical damage or threats to you, other people or oneself such as: slapping, hitting, pushing or kicking. The threats or actions can also involve an object or a weapon
  • Trying to use objects to scare you, such as driving a car dangerously or breaking things
  • However, in reality, abuse in relationships has to do with the desire to control.

    A friend of mine used to complain about how her spouse used to cheat on her and call her fat and all sorts of stuff. He never supported her with anything.

    Clay what can I do? Her self esteem was at her lowest. His controlling and abusive attitude did her in. My advice to her was to try and start loving yourself again.

    Try to ignore the abusive comments and start doing things for yourself. Start standing up for yourself. Abuse in relationships shouldn't be tolerated.

    Start saying to yourself that I'm going to make life changing decisions like eating better and exercising more. I'm going after that new job. I'm going to start a hobby. I'm going to have more fun with my life. In other words go after your dreams etc.

    Sit your husband down and be firm and tell him that this is what's up and this is what I'm doing now, with you or without you, but I'd rather it be with you. Get him to fully understand how it's affecting you.

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