Will I ever forgive/forget an live a long happy life together?

by Cmw

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My girlfriend an I have been through a lot from the beginning she told me she was a virgin which turned out to be a lie..

Since then there has been a lot of trust issues i always assume the worst..

There has been a few times where she has Lied to me about where she was and who all was there.. I work a lot so I can't always be around to spend time with her an our 3 yr old son.

I had to work one Sunday an she planned a trip to the zoo for her an our son so I gave her some money so they could enjoy the day since i had work an couldn't go with them.

Later about a month after they went I found out she picked up an x boyfriend of hers to go with them just to "hang out" with them, she said I was never around an she was bored that I was reading to much into it..( what would u do?)

so I eventually left that alone an some time went by she started hangin out with a new friend an then she said to me she needed a break just some time to herself..

But she was spendin her time with some guy her new friends introduced her to.. A few months went by an we got back together an it was almost 2 yrs when she told me she was movin in with one of her good friends a girl she went to school with.

Then the bullshit started.. ( I realize I work alot but that just me an how I was raised. Im just tryin to better myself an to provide for our fam I always gave her money for w/e she wanted an took her places when I was off wrk.

It's not like I wrked all the time and kept the money to myself.) so she moved out an sayin we needed a home of our own that we need to move out of our parents so I started Savin all my money an started lookin for a home for us.

Occasionally we would hang out as a fam an I'd take her out or on weekend getaways an we'd hook up like nothing was wrong like we were still a couple..

(we would get back together then it's would-be some Bs an she'd be gone again we did this a few times)

Then she started goin to a whole nother town stayin the nite with our son an hangin out with a new group of people I knew nothing about..

I was cautious but didn't say much other then be careful I found out she was seein an talkin to some guy 3 yrs younger fresh outa high school then she didn't really wanna do much with me or talk as much she didn't seem to care that I was looking for us a home..

So a couple months go by without us hooking up hangin out talkin about anything other then our son an I find out shes been stayin at this guys who wouldn't ya know comes from a rich family..

He went an bought a house for himself her an my son an she moved in an then decided ask what I'd think about them movin 70 miles away with this new guy..

I went ape shit btw!.. ( this guys is fresh outs school with a new house he has never wrked for anything like I have an she's layed up at his house hsvin sex an sleepin with him with our son bein confused as ever..)

She stayed about a week after that then called me up cryin sayin how sorry she ws an that she wanted to come see an talk to me.

So I said she could an we talked she said she
Made a mistake yadda yadda we were gonn wrk things out.. That lasted maybe 2 wks while the whole time this guys is constantly text callin fb.

She goes back for a weekend when im
scheduled to work an leave our son with me an tells me I gotta deal with it I took 3 day vac to keep him..

Anyways she did this same old bs come n go game where we would try to wrk it out
an then he'd call an she'd go running..

So finally she comes back to be begging for Another chance an I give it to her things go great she stopped talkin to him deleted all his numbers an fb stuff everything an we r doin fine but I cant get him an her sleepin together off my mind it's drives me nuts an idk why she had to go thatdar with this I went thru 9 months of livin hell.

she always tells me how much she loves me and that she sees herself growing old with me. We been lookin for us a home to buy an all that good stuff an if ya ask her everything is fine with us an maybe it's just me trippin or waitin or expecting her to haul Ass again idk..

I want this just as much as she says she does but I'm scared of screwing up.. I'm really tryin to forgive/forget all the bs she's done I mean she's really changed alot an seems to really be more grown up.

I cant change the past but the future is what I'm scared of cus I don't wanna get hurt again.. We've been back together for a couple months an shes still goin strong but I can tell she's gettin tired f me askin if shes happy an what she got planned for when I'm at wrk an im alway callin r textin her when we aren't together I feel like if I keep goin like this I'ma run her away for good.

Should I stop worrying an focus on our future I really need some help on this I love having my family again.. What should i do to get over all this?? Thanks


Sheeeeesh! Man you need to just to sit her down and discuss arrangements about your son and move on.

Seems like you care more for her than you do for yourself. I advice is next time, make sure she's into you like that first and keep it that way by not tolerating any foolishness, PERIOD.

I hope I've given you something to roll with and I mean ROLL. All the best to you and good luck.

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