Where To Take a Girl for a First Date?

by Johnny Bravo
(Woodside NY USA)

I am about to ask out this girl I have liked for so long, and was wondering, where can I take her out on a first date and stuff?

Do I need to see her every single day, or like once a week and hang out with her once a week. I do not have that much money to spend on her, like food and whatever. What can I do?

Well Johnny, being you haven't even asked her yet, so you don't even know if she'll accept. But for future reference, I feel all first dates should be kept simple. All according what time of year it is there are outside cheap activities to get involved with and some are free of charge.

But for starters, if she accepts, maybe you can just ask her out for a simple cup of coffee or something. Tell her there's an ice cream parlor or diner that you like to go to and the strawberry sundaes are slamming.

Again those are a couple of examples to keep it simple. And dude, if she feels that coffee or ice cream isn't good enough for her then it wasn't about being with you anyway.

Remember the amount of money you spend should not dictate how much she likes you. Just because you spend lots of money, will not increase the attraction for you. If she's not attracted to you from the very beginning, well in most cases it never will.

And indirectly you've just tested her. She would be already telling you what type she is. Now about being with her everyday? No, you don't need to do that.

I don't even want to be with myself everyday, LOL. Just go with the flow with that. Never focus so much on anyone. You must still maintain your own life. No one wants to be crowded.

I hope I've answered your question or gave you something to start with. Good luck and have fun.

I hope I answered your question. Take care and all the best.

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