What Went Wrong?

Visitors Story:Well it seemed like everything was fine. We live together. One day in January she said she wanted to go visit her mom, I was like okay I'll meet you after work so we could have some dinner together or something.

I went about my day and went I got off work I waited for her, and waited, and waited. I got worry and tried calling her cell phone but no answer. I tried calling her mom phone and she said she had already left so I waited some more.

I waited in that parking all night but she never showed up. I spent the next few weeks trying to track her down but with no luck. She would never answer her phone after a few days her phone was disconnected, when I called her parents they would just hang up on me.

I never knew what went wrong I mean how can someone just leave someone like that? Being dumped by someone you cared about is bad enough but to not even say it to your face or give you a reason makes hurt a lot worst.

It’s been more than five years and I still haven’t heard from her and probably never will. I stopped thinking about her a long time ago but every once in a while I still wonder.

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