what to do

by meagan morgan
(fort wayne ,in)

Visitors Question:
hi my name is meagan i have been in this relationship for 4 years we have a little girl together and i already had a son befor me and him got together for the first 2 years was ok then he stared hitting me and always putting his hands on me he always calls me names and yells at me i really want out of this relationship but he has made it clear i will not be able to take my little girl and if i do he will find me and kill me i dont know if he will but i am scard of him i want out but i dont think i can take my little girl and if i call the cops it will just make it worse please tell me what you think i could do i need your help thank you meagan

I think you should call the proper authorities, meaning the police to have something on file just in case something happens.

All the best and good luck.

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