What Do You Do If You Are Married, But Another Person Hits On You?

by Confused
(Columbus, OH)

Visitors Question:
I am married, but a good friend of both of ours has been dropping hints that he is interested in me. What can I do to let him know I am not interested without telling my spouse, and without ruining the friendship?

When is he giving these hints is my question. And if your spouse is around, I'm sure he may be getting the hints too. How much of a friend can this person be if he's hitting on you? Are you sure you're not misunderstanding these messages?

Did he flat out say in some way that he's interested in you? All in all if these hints are getting uncomfortable, I suggest you let your spouse in on what you're feeling and sit and discuss on how you should handle it.

I hope I've answered your question. Take care and all the best.

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