Through a letter

by Paige

With myspace and facebook being so popular you are bound to run across someone you have previously dated or were close friends with.

That's what happened in my case, we were both divorced with kids. We talked through myspace and agreed to go out we watched a movie and hung out at my place.

We had talked about not wanting anything serious, but the total opposite happened. He would spend every other night at my house things were great.

The kids loved him and of course got attached. They talked about fishing and hunting next year, bottom line it was a serious relationship. Our first date was October 24th and our last was February 6th. He told me he loved me Christmas Eve we always had good conversation never fought.

Day of break up. We were having my son's 7th birthday party at the skating rink. He had brought his daughter. They ended up leaving a little early he and gave me a kiss and told me he would call me later.

When me and the kids arrived home there was a note with my house key sitting on top. Basically he was telling me how hard it was for him to end the relationship that he never meant to hurt me. He felt he was not able to give me the attention I deserved and that he was taking away from his children that he gets every other weekend.

He stated his kids were his one and only priority. I always gave him time with his kids when he had them and never went around unless we were invited. It just feels like all this came out of left field, he will not speak to me on the phone or respond to text. Any ideas on what might be going on?

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Feb 14, 2010
I Love Ya
by: its me

Friend that is some great advice

Feb 14, 2010
by: Friend

I think you are crazy for wasting your time on the loser, because that is clearly what he is. If he is not man enough to end the relationship to your face then you don't need him. Just listen to your BEST FRIEND. She has been through enough to know his kind.

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